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Michael runs a number of Breathing Workshops, which are specifically tailored to to the needs and requirements of the client.

Research has shown that correct breathing techniques result in better energy levels, better mental clarity and mood.  Using good breathing techniques also results in better sleeping patterns, and assists with relieving anxiety and pain.

By using simple breathing techniques, combined with good posture, the daily stress of our working lives can be reduced.  Once learnt, the techniques can be used at work, at home, wherever stress arises.

University and High School students get benefit from using the techniques before exams.  Many people with high levels of inter-personal contacts with client use this before and after interactions/interviews. People with varying degrees of stress find the breathing exercises easy to use and beneficial.

Each workshop is individually designed to provide clients with information on the physiology of breathing and how to use correct breathing techniques for a variety of purposes.  Whether you are a singer, a public speaker, someone who frequently presents workshops, a musician, an actor, or simply just wanting to learn better breathing, learing good breathing techniques will help.

If you would like to discuss breathing workshops with me, please click here.



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