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Coaching is about helping someone be the best he or she can be. It is also being able to help someone define, set and achieve measurable goals that the individual has set.

It has been said that coaching is about performing at your best, through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing.

Vocal coaching involves not only learning the basic physiology of the way sound is produced, but extends into the whole person of the singer. This could be viewed as Vocal Psychology.

You are the instrument and your sound conveys not just the words you want to say or sing, but your emotional well-being at that moment. Understanding the inner voice of singing is critical to being able to produce competent sounds. Often, the singer is constrained by old comments, old advice which needs to be explored and discarded. Singing is not just about allowing the larynx to create a sound; it is much, much more.

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