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The primary role of mentoring is to help and support another, often younger person by promoting a caring and genuine interest in developing that person's abilities and talents.

Mentoring is a relationship built on trust and is a long term, on-going process. Moving alongside a young person and encouraging them to reach their potential is one of the most satisfying experiences a mentor can have.

Mentoring "grows" people into their potentials, so that they are confident and ready for the challenges they have chosen for themselves. These potentials are often latent - hidden, dormant, undeveloped, buried in the daily stress of being at school, at university, indeed the daily stress of living in this fast-paced world of instant communication.

I mentor young adults in their final years of High School and on into Tertiary Education. I assist individuals in igniting their passion, their purpose. I actively engage with the person to explore what their passions are, what makes them feel valued and what they do to feel their energies are being put into something worthwhile.

As these young people begin to feel more competent and capable, they develop confidence and will be better able to cope with the challenges they will face on the journey to adulthood.

Mentors encourage young people to make reasoned and sensible choices by being positive, non-judgmental role models themselves. Mentors are not part of the school or university "establishment" and do not have an agenda, other than the well-being and future of the young person.

If you would like to know more about mentoring, please contact me by clicking here.



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