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Mediation is a voluntary process of resolving disputes between people or parties, in which another independent and impartial person, the Mediator, works with the parties and helps them communicate with each other, negotiate with each other and ultimately reach an agreement.

The parties themselves develop the solution and because they have been actively involved in the settlement, it is likely to be lasting.

Mediation allows parties to be directly involved in settling the dispute.

The mediator's role is to guide the parties through the mediation process so that the issues can be defined, relevant information produced and discussed and options explored without undue delay or the need to use legalistic procedures.

Michael is a qualified Mediator.

The actual process of each mediation depends on the parties and the issues and this is discussed with all concerned.

When a dispute is resolved by mediation it is usual for a written agreement to be drawn up and signed by the parties setting out the details of their settlement.

With other forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration or taking a case to court, the final solution will be imposed on the parties. These other forms will give parties an opportunity to argue their case, but in the end it is someone else's solution that parties will have to accept.

Mediation is essentially a confidential and private process in which open and honest communication is encouraged. To contact mel regarding mediation, please click this email link : Email Michael




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